Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009 Holiday Giveaway

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Blu's Restaurant, Vail, CO

We started walking towards town, we couldn't find anywhere that served breakfast or brunch, after stopping at a local Antique store, we finally found Blu's Restaurant, it looked pleasant enough from the outside.  When you walked in you immediately thought this is exactly what we're looking for, the ambiance of a brunch, lunch bistro (they serve dinner as well), serving what they call "Eclectic American Cuisine".  We were seated near the windows with a great view of the creek and melting snow outside.
10 minutes passed and we still didn't even have drinks.  I reached over to the server station next to us and poured us some water.  We kept looking around wondering what was keeping the server, the place was anything but busy, maybe 3 tables?
Finally instead of leaving, as we would under normal circumstances with such poor service, we went to the bar.  We were starving and as stated before we had already walked everywhere in Vail looking for a great brunch spot.  We were going to give this little place another chance.  There was no one else at the bar.  It was small, seating for about 4-6 as I remember, but the bartender was friendly and took our orders right away.  He then prepared us delicious frozen daiquiris.
I always order an Omelet or Eggs Benedict, I know that's not adventurous but one can only be so adventurous with breakfast. They had this great creation they called 'Green Eggs and Ham' --Two poached eggs over seared ham and English muffin, topped with a spinach, caper and asiago cream sauce. Served with Hashbrowns.  By far the best eggs benedict I have ever had in my life, and that's saying a lot, I have eaten eggs benedict in Barbados, seaside in Encinitas, Ocean City, MD, AZ, just to name a few.... I may not know much but I do know food....My companion loved the 'Farmer's Breakfast' she too could not get enough of the NY Strip steak, eggs and hashbrowns.  A lot leaves to be desired about the service, the ambiance with the brick walls, booth style seating as well as quaint tables by the windows, the website says they offer outside seating, although we didn't see this (it wasn't exactly the weather for it with snow on the ground), is great for brunch or lunch.  I would definitely recommend this restaurant, however I would sit at the bar. The food makes up for the lack of service, which says a lot because we all know that service makes the restaurant. http://www.blusrestaurant.com/index.html